Mark Haen to Lead Course on Surface Preparation at Concrete Décor Show

by Leane Owen - Director of Marketing, Flooring Systems

Mark Haen to Lead Course on Surface Preparation at Concrete Décor Show

Arizona Polymer Flooring’s Mark Haen is presenting a course on surface preparation for concrete coatings and overlays at the 2017 Concrete Décor Show.

In the course, Mark will cover the ins and outs of concrete surface prep for coatings and overlays. He will discuss the pros and cons of owning, renting or hiring out necessary equipment for different applications, and how to conform with industry standards.


The course will also cover best practices for the surface preparation process, including the recommended application thickness for various prep coatings. Mark will share advice on how to fix problems and avoid pitfalls that may occur in a company’s “learning stage” for surface preparation.


Mark is a sales representative for the Rocky Mountain Region, specializing in both APF industrial sales, as well as sales for Super-Krete® Products – APF’s decorative concrete and concrete repair brand.


2017 marks the eighth annual Concrete Décor Show. Decorative concrete contractors, concrete artisans and industry newcomers gather at the event for three days of workshops, live demonstrations and exhibits. This year’s show runs from November 6-9 in North Palm Harbor, Florida.


Course details:

Course title: Preparing Concrete Surfaces for Coatings and Overlays 
Session Code: Overlays & Toppings 
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 
3:45 PM - 5:00 PM  


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