Metallic Flooring Systems a Top Choice for Bars & Restaurants

by Daniel Owen - R&D Leader, Specialty Flooring

If your customers are renovating a bar or restaurant, consider introducing them to metallic flooring systems. These stunning floors are unique, memorable and add just the right amount of flare for nightlife and entertainment venues. They’re my top choice in this industry for two reasons:


When it comes to design flexibility, metallic flooring systems – such as our ColorChrome™ Flooring Systems – are tough to beat. They possess a broad range of colors and enable you to push the design envelope by using multiple colors or blending colors. You can also add decorative saw cuts for another layer of architectural detail.


When properly installed, metallic flooring systems offer years of trouble-free service, as they are impact, abrasion and chemical resistant. They come in high gloss or satin finishes, and as a bonus, they don’t require waxing like most conventional systems. Further, as time passes, these systems can be brought back to their original mint condition just by sanding and recoating with another clear coat as needed.

While these floors may not fit into every design concept, they are perfect for the customers seeking out a sleek, urban or modern feel for their restaurant or bar. For an example, check out: Project Profile: Zella’s Pizza.