Systems: Decorative Concrete Overlays

Super-Krete is the originator of the 'single-component' stamp overlay system for concrete designed to strengthen, stabilize, brighten and beautify tired, worn or damaged concrete. A variety of application techniques are available to yield a durable installation that can achieve practically any appearance. Incorporating color into various patterns or textures allows for any plain concrete canvas to turn into a masterpiece. Systems include 1/4" overlay, 1/8" overlay, smooth finishes, spray textures, or a decorative broomed finish. Incorporating Super-Krete colorants enhances and beautifies the application of choice.

1/4" Stamp Overlay System

This popular overlay system is designed to create a decorative yet natural appearance over concrete surfaces. The design possibilities are endless, with more than 200 stamp and texturing mats, and a wide variety of colors to choose from or create.

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1/8" Stamp Overlay System

1/8" Stamp Overlay System for seamless textures is a stampable overlay using S-9300 Bond-Kote®. It is textured at a thin 1/8" profile directly over properly prepared concrete.

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Broom Finish System

The Broom Finish System provide an economical alternative to the removal and replacement of existing concrete. This system creates a flexible and durable finish that can be used to re-level, renovate, resurface and create decorative patterns and designs.

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Faux Wood Concrete Resurfacing System

Our Faux Wood Concrete Resurfacing System creates the natural look of wood using Bond-Kote® and Micro-Bond™. You can get the genuine look of warm, organic wood yet in a more durable and versatile concrete overlay system.

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Knockdown Texture System

Provide both beauty and better traction around wet, slippery areas like pools and spas, steps and walkways with the Knockdown Texture System. This coating system is not only decorative; it also creates a cooler walking surface and exceeds typical skid-resistant standards to improve safety while helping reduce liability around high risk areas in commercial and residential environments.

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Smooth Surface & Art Deco System

The Smooth Surface & Art Deco System may be achieved when coating over existing concrete substrates.  This application is typical when creating an art deco floor, wall or countertop and is extremely popular in restaurants, cafes, day spas and salons, and all interior areas

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