Systems: Concrete Admixtures

Concrete admixtures are the ingredients in concrete other than portland cement, water and aggregate that are added to the mix immediately before or during mixing. Admixtures are primarily used to reduce the cost of concrete construction; to modify the properties of hardened concrete; to ensure the quality of concrete during mixing, transporting, placing, and curing; and to overcome certain emergencies during concrete operations.Super-Krete¹s concrete admixtures are supplied in ready-to-use liquid form and are added to the concrete at the plant or at the jobsite.

Concrete Admixtures Systems

S-1400 Pene-Krete Additive is mixed 14 oz. per cubic yard of concrete and S-1500 Concrete BOOST! is designed for mixing 2 oz. with up to 90 lbs. of cement mix. These products reduces curing time of concrete to place topical coatings from 28 days to just 8 days and allows a more flowable, workable mixture during concrete installations.

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