Systems: Moisture Remediation

VaporSolve® Moisture Remediation Systems are highly specialized epoxy coating systems formulated to isolate moisture sensitive flooring from all levels of concrete moisture. VaporSolve® systems are used when concrete has a known moisture problem, when concrete dries too slowly to meet the construction schedule, and as a preventative measure when concrete doesn't have a vapor retarder in place and future moisture conditions cannot be predicted. Benefits include:
  • Effective with all levels of concrete moisture intrusion
  • Guaranteed adhesion over silicate contaminated concrete
  • May be applied to freshly poured concrete
  • More than 20 million sq. ft. covered with 99% success
To learn more about concrete moisture- including slab design, the importance of a vapor retarder, accurate moisture remediation and moisture control - check out the APF white paper, Understanding Concrete Moisture.

VaporSolve® 100 LP System

VaporSolve® 100 LP System is a specially formulated 100% solids epoxy coating designed to comply with ASTM F-3010 and is for use over concrete with high moisture levels for the purpose of isolating the concrete from moisture sensitive flooring

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VaporSolve® Basic System

The VaporSolve® Basic System consists of a single coat of VaporSolve 100, a 100% solids epoxy. This system is applied at 16 mils over concrete that hasn’t been contaminated with reactive silicate curing compounds or densifiers. This economical system is affordable and requires fewer trips to the job site.

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VaporSolve® Fresh Concrete System

The VaporSolve® Fresh Concrete System uses a unique, water-based epoxy formulation to bond to six to 24-hour-old concrete. It virtually eliminates the evaporation of water from the top of the slab, serving as the ultimate curing compound. Additionally, the need for a sub-slab vapor retarder is eliminated

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VaporSolve® Ultra System

The VaporSolve® Ultra System consists of a water-based epoxy as a primer that gives deeper penetration and better adhesion when applied to silicate-contaminated concrete, as well as a finish coat of VaporSolve 100, which greatly reduces the possibility of concrete outgassing

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