Packaging Upgrade Announcement

Packaging Upgrade Announcement

In our efforts to continue innovating within the concrete industry, we are excited to introduce the improved packaging of our popular Super-Krete® Products S-9500 Color Stain™ series.

While this safer alternative to acid stains will continue to offer a beautiful, translucent appearance with exceptional UV resistance for interior and exterior applications, the finest concrete stain with more than 30 years of unmatched performance now offers these additional benefits:

  • Reduced pigment settlement
  • Improved color consistency
  • Allows for custom tinting
  • Ability to create antiqued, marbled and mottling effects with ease
  • New packaging to reduce the inventory demand to the distributor

Our new packaging program will be a combination of the S-9500 Color Stain Base and a S-9500 Color Stain Pigment Pack, which is available in all 20 of the traditional Super-Krete colors. One S-9500 Color Stain Pigment Pack is added to each gallon of S-9500 Color Stain Base prior to use.

For best results, follow these detailed mixing instructions:

  1. Ensure the lid on the S-9500 Pigment Pack is tightly sealed.
  2. Shake the pigment pack until a uniform color is achieved.
  3. Empty S-9500 Color Stain Base into a larger container for easy mixing.
  4. Add entire contents of pigment pack to S-9500 Color Stain Base (one pigment pack per gallon of S-9500 Color Stain Base).
      Scrape all sides of the pigment pack to ensure all contents have been removed.
  5. Mix S-9500 Color Stain Base and pigment pack with a drill and appropriate mixing paddle for two minutes.
  6. If applying by sprayer, strain S-9500 Color Stain prior to filling sprayer reservoir.