Super-Krete® Products Understanding Concrete Moisture Issues

The update to the Understanding Concrete Moisture Issues has been done because the industry continues to evolve. The update discusses the history of problems and today’s solutions to moisture in concrete slabs on grade and elevated concrete slabs that are intended to receive impervious or low permeability coatings and surfacing systems. The technology update outlines techniques and procedures, with additional specific details provided in the appendices.

1. Appendix A: Moisture Vapor Remediation and Alkalinity Control Products/Systems
2. Appendix B: An Overview of the placement of ASTM F1869 and ASTM F2170

The Technology Update is intended for use by owners, applicators, and others in the coatings and surfacings industry. It addresses the unique application properties of coating and surfacing concrete floors, and should not be used for other purposes.