S-18000 24" SQUEEGEE™

S-18000 24

Super-Krete S-1800 Squeegee is specifically designed with the contractor in mind. This Squeegee eliminates the need for troweling; a great tool for use with Bond-Kote and Micro-Bond. Super-Krete Squeegee’s durable 60 durometer, extruded neoprene blade is clamped into the squeegee base making an extremely durable tool that will last contractor’s for years. The 22 degree blade angle allows the rubber to work on its side instead of on its edge promoting mark free coating with no edge marks. It’s radius edge blade eliminates the frustrating break in period normal to standard slit rubber blades and provides a mark free finish from the start. This Squeegee has a heavier, stronger feel than most other standard squeegees. The weight of the squeegee allows for an easier pull on the material so the applicator is not fighting the material as it is being applied. The clamp at the base of the squeegee allows the applicator to access hard to reach areas while maintaining strength and durability.