S-4000 Acid Stain is an acidic coloring solution which chemically reacts with concrete and other cementitious substrates to create translucent and variegated color effects. The coloration becomes a permanent part of the substrate and cannot crack or peel. S-4000 Acid Stain gives a unique look that cannot be achieved with conventional polymer and pigment type stains. The material reacts individually with each substrate depending upon its available cement content, age and porosity. Considerable variations in color and tone normally result from the use of S-4000 Acid Stain, and many special color effects can be achieved using different methods of application. APF Acid Stain is used in a variety of interior and exterior architectural concrete applications. It is most commonly used to provide a distinctive look to floors and other horizontal concrete surfaces. Special beauty is added to color hardened concrete and textured polymer concrete when S-4000 Acid Stain is used as the coloring medium. Stained surfaces that are exposed to pedestrian or vehicle traffic must be protected by the appropriate APF sealer system. These sealers may be acrylic or polyurethane materials depending upon service requirements. Both high gloss and satin finishes are available. 


Colors & Finishes

  • Saddle
  • Red Wolf
  • Caribbean Blue
  • Bronze
  • Moss
  • Sahara Tan
  • Aged Leather
  • Slate
  • Espresso
  • Rusty Brown


  • 1 Gallon Units