Tough-Seal™ WB 501 System

Tough-Seal WB 501 sealer system is designed for use over interior conventional and architectural concrete surfaces. This system consists of a fast-curing, two-component water-based epoxy primer and a finish coat of a high-performance, two-component water-based polyurethane coating. It is an excellent choice when a low odor, high-performance sealer system is required. With respects to chemical and abrasion resistance, it is equal to or superior to other commercial solvent-based systems on the market today. Tough-Seal WB 501 will produce only a slight darkening of the substrate to which it is applied, making it ideal for applications where the traditional “color pop” or “wet look” of a solvent system is not desired. Due to its high level of chemical resistance, it is ideal for automotive areas. Additionally, it has tire stain resistance equal to conventional solvent-based polyurethane systems. A low-VOC formulation is available.