Acid Stain WB 501 System

Acid Stain WB 501 is an acidic coloring solution that chemically reacts with concrete and other cementitious substrates to create translucent and variegated color effects. This system is sealed with low-odor, high-performance waterborne epoxy and polyurethane coatings, giving it exceptional durability. The coloration becomes a permanent part of the substrate and cannot crack or peel.  Acid Stain WB 501 gives a unique look that cannot be achieved with conventional polymer and pigment-type stains.  The material reacts individually with each substrate depending on its available cement content, age and porosity.  Considerable variations in color and tone normally result from the use of Acid Stain WB 501, and many special color effects can be achieved using different methods of application.  Acid Stain WB 501 is low VOC. It’s ideal for interior conventional and architectural concrete.